Wai Society with Lindsey Means

#31 - The EMP Technique

May 19, 2020 Wai Society Season 3 Episode 31
Wai Society with Lindsey Means
#31 - The EMP Technique
Show Notes

Hey gorgeous! Today I’m talking all about the EMP technique, a tool for all the frustrating, stressful, contrasting moments of life. You can use EMP as a tool to alchemize your life! In this episode: 

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  • What is the EMP Technique?
    • EMP is the first part of EMPRESS Alchemy. EMPRESS is an acronym that stands for Expanding Love, Mirror, Pivot, Rejuvenate, Embody, Satisfaction, and Surrender. 
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    • EMP stands for Expanding Love, Mirror, and Pivot. 
    • Use this technique in any frustrating situations either right after or later in the day to work through it
    • You know those moments that you dwell on all day long and it sucks
    • EMP helps you alchemize that situation by loving yourself, digging deeper, and pivoting to something else.
  • I’ve used the EMP Technique so many times: 
    • to grow
    • find limited belief
    •  learn more about myself, and others
    • have more compassion
    • feel more secure
    • Express my emotions and feelings
  • Expand in Love
    • Expanding in Love is the main ingredient, the most important step.
    • Love is what everyone on earth wants at their core
    • We don’t know how to love ourselves, we seek it externally and get sad, mad, scared, etc when we don’t get it
    • Learn how to expand in love for yourself
      • Validation
      • Talking to yourself
      • Feel your feelings
  • Mirror
    • The Mirror is a technique for growth
    • It doesn’t feel very good sometimes
    • Using the mirror as a reflection of where you need to grow
    • Looking through the mirror to connect with others
    • Using it as a reflection tool to work through experiences of contrast
  • Pivot
    • Once you’ve worked through the feelings and the mirror PIVOT
    • Dwelling on situations after we’ve worked through them keeps them alive
    • Pivoting helps you feel better
    • Hop off that Thought Train!
    • Check out Thoughts and Emotions episode
  • EMP Benefits
    • Helps work through tough situations by giving yourself what you need
    • Instead of letting that situation overtake you, you can learn from them
    • Helps you feel in control
    • Quick Tool or as a reflection
  • Remember
    • Have an attitude of wonder, curiosity, and compassion for yourself during this journey. 
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